Resonant Electron Impact Excitation of 3d levels in Fe$^{14+}$ and Fe$^{15+}$ [SSA]

We present laboratory spectra of the $3p$–$3d$ transitions in Fe$^{14+}$ and Fe$^{15+}$ excited with a mono-energetic electron beam. In the energy dependent spectra obtained by sweeping the electron energy, resonant excitation is confirmed as an intensity enhancement at specific electron energies. The experimental results are compared with theoretical cross sections calculated based on fully relativistic wave functions and the distorted-wave approximation. Comparisons between the experimental and theoretical results show good agreement for the resonance strength. A significant discrepancy is, however, found for the non-resonant cross section in Fe$^{14+}$, which can be considered as a fundamental cause of the line intensity ratio problem that has often been found in both observatory and laboratory measurements.

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T. Tsuda, E. Shimizu, S. Ali, et. al.
Wed, 11 Oct 17

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