Non-Axisymmetric Line Driven Disc Winds II – Full Velocity Gradient [HEAP]

We study non-axisymetric features of 3D line driven winds in the Sobolev approximation, where the optical depth is calculated using the full velocity gradient. We find that non-axisymmetric density features, so called clumps, form primarily at the base of the wind on super-Sobolev length scales. The density of clumps differs by a factor of $\sim 3$ from the azimuthal average, the magnitude of their velocity dispersion is comparable to the flow velocity and they produce $\sim 20\%$ variations in the column density. Clumps may be observable because differences in density produce enhancements in emission and absorption profiles or through their velocity dispersion which enhances line broadening.

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S. Dyda and D. Proga
Tue, 13 Feb 18

Comments: 12 pages, 9 figures, 2 tables