Filamentary Structure of Orion A [GA]

We present filamentary structure analysis based on the CARMA Orion Project through which we obtained high resolution (0.01pc) and high dynamic range (2~deg in DEC) images of the Orion A molecular cloud. We show a preliminary emission map of the $^{13}$CO emission with the addition of identified filaments. The data product resulted from 1500~hr of observing time at CARMA interferometer, and the Nobeyama 45~m telescope. We address basic filament properties along with calculated typical kinematical properties. Furthermore, we present a pilot study where we compare the observed [C{\sc II}] and [C{\sc I}] emission to $^{13}$CO emission towards 6 selected filaments in Orion~A.

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S. Suri, P. Schilke and A. Sanchez-Monge
Fri, 8 Dec 17

Comments: Proceedings of the Star Formation in Different Environments, ICISE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam, 2016, (eds. D. Johnstone, T. Hoang, F. Nakamura, Q. Nguyen-Luong, and J. T. Tranh Van)