SAND: An automated VLBI imaging and analysing pipeline – I. Stripping component trajectories [IMA]

We present our implementation of an automated VLBI data reduction pipeline dedicated to interferometric data imaging and analysis. The pipeline can handle massive VLBI data efficiently which makes it an appropriate tool to investigate multi-epoch multiband VLBI data. Compared to traditional manual data reduction, our pipeline provides more objective results since less human interference is involved. Source extraction is done in the image plane, while deconvolution and model fitting are done in both the image plane and the uv plane for parallel comparison. The output from the pipeline includes catalogues of CLEANed images and reconstructed models, polarisation maps, proper motion estimates, core light curves and multi-band spectra. We have developed a regression strip algorithm to automatically detect linear or non-linear patterns in the jet component trajectories. This algorithm offers an objective method to match jet components at different epochs and determine their proper motions.

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M. Zhang, A. Collioud and P. Charlot
Thu, 7 Dec 17

Comments: Accepted by MNRAS; 19 pages, 21 figures