Patterned liquid-crystal optics for broadband coronagraphy and wavefront sensing [IMA]

The direct-write technology for liquid-crystal patterns allows for manufacturing of extreme geometric phase patterned coronagraphs that are inherently broadband, e.g. the vector Apodizing Phase Plate (vAPP). We present on-sky data of a double-grating vAPP operating from 2-5 $\mu m$ with a 360-degree dark hole and a decreased leakage term of $\sim 10^{-4}$. We report a new liquid-crystal design used in a grating-vAPP for SCExAO that operates from 1-2.5$\mu m$. Furthermore, we present wavelength-selective vAPPs that work at specific wavelength ranges and transmit light unapodized at other wavelengths. Lastly, we present geometric phase patterns for advanced implementations of WFS (e.g. Zernike-type) that are enabled only by this liquid-crystal technology.

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D. Doelman, F. Snik, N. Warriner, et. al.
Fri, 29 Sep 17

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