A Cryogenic Ultra-Low-Noise MMIC-based LNA with a discrete First Stage Transistor Suitable for Radio Astronomy Applications


In this paper a new design of MMIC based LNA is outlined. This design uses a discrete 100-nm InP HEMT placed in front of an existing InP MMIC LNA to lower the overall noise temperature of the LNA. This new approach known as the Transistor in front of MMIC (T+MMIC) LNA, possesses a gain in excess of 40dB and an average noise temperature of 9.4K compared to 14.5K for the equivalent MMIC-only LNA measured across a 27-33GHz bandwidth at a physical temperature of 8K. A simple ADS model offering further insights into the operation of the LNA is also presented and a potential radio astronomy application is discussed

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Date added: Mon, 14 Oct 13