Chemo-dynamical simulations of dwarf galaxy evolution [CEA]

In this review I give a summary of the state-of-the-art for what concerns the chemo-dynamical numerical modelling of galaxies in general and of dwarf galaxies in particular. In particular, I focus my attention on (i) initial conditions; (ii) the equations to solve; (iii) the star formation process in galaxies; (iv) the initial mass function; (v) the chemical feedback; (vi) the mechanical feedback; (vii) the environmental effects. Moreover, some key results concerning the development of galactic winds in galaxies and the fate of heavy elements, freshly synthesised after an episode of star formation, have been reported. At the end of this review, I summarise the topics and physical processes, relevant for the evolution of galaxies, that in my opinion are not properly treated in modern computer simulations of galaxies and that deserve more attention in the future.

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Date added: Mon, 21 Oct 13