Fundamental Vibrational Transitions of HCl Detected in CRL 2136 [GA]

We would like to understand the chemistry of dense clouds and their hot cores more quantitatively by obtaining more complete knowledge of the chemical species present in them. We have obtained high-resolution infrared absorption spectroscopy at 3-4 um toward the bright infrared source CRL 2136. The fundamental vibration-rotation band of HCl has been detected within a dense cloud for the first time. The HCl is probably located in the warm compact circumstellar envelope or disk of CRL 2136. The fractional abundance of HCl is (4.9-8.7)e-8, indicating that approximately 20 % of the elemental chlorine is in gaseous HCl. The kinetic temperature of the absorbing gas is 250 K, half the value determined from infrared spectroscopy of 13CO and water. The percentage of chlorine in HCl is approximately that expected for gas at this temperature. The reason for the difference in temperatures between the various molecular species is unknown.

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Date added: Thu, 17 Oct 13