Soft Theorems For Shift-Symmetric Cosmologies [CL]

We derive soft theorems for single-clock cosmologies that enjoy a shift symmetry. These so-called consistency conditions arise from a combination of a large diffeomorphism and the internal shift-symmetry and fix the squeezed limit of all correlators with a soft scalar mode. As an application, we show that our results reproduce the squeezed bispectrum for Ultra-slow-roll inflation, a particular shift-symmetric, non-attractor model which is known to violate Maldacena’s consistency relation. Similar results have been previously obtained by Mooij and Palma using background-wave methods. Our results shed new light on the infrared structure of single-clock cosmological spacetimes.

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B. Finelli, G. Goon, E. Pajer, et. al.
Mon, 13 Nov 17

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