Neutron stars structure in the context of massive gravity [CL]

Motivated by the recent interests in spin$-2$ massive gravitons, we study the structure of neutron star in the context of massive gravity. The modifications of TOV equation in the presence of massive gravity are explored in $4$ and higher dimensions. Next, by considering the modern equation of state for the neutron star matter (which is extracted by the lowest order constrained variational (LOCV) method with the AV$18$ potential), different physical properties of the neutron star (such as Le Chatelier’s principle, stability and energy conditions) are investigated. Furthermore, the mass-radius relation is examined and the effects of massive gravity on the Schwarzschild radius, average density, compactness, gravitational redshift and dynamical stability are studied. In addition, a relation between mass and radius of neutron star versus the Planck mass is extracted. It is shown that consideration of the massive gravity has specific contributions into the structure of neutron star and introduces new prescriptions for the massive astrophysical objects.

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S. Hendi, G. Bordbar, B. Panah, et. al.
Thu, 5 Jan 17

Comments: 17 pages, 6 figures