Observational Constraints of Stellar Collapse: Diagnostic Probes of Nature's Extreme Matter Experiment [HEAP]


Supernovae are Nature’s high-energy, high density laboratory experiments, reaching densities in excess of nuclear densities and temperatures above 10MeV. Astronomers have built up a suite of diagnostics to study these supernovae. If we can utilize these diagnostics, and tie them together with a theoretical understanding of supernova physics, we can use these cosmic explosions to study the nature of matter at these extreme densities and temperatures. Capitalizing on these diagnostics will require understanding a wide range of additional physics. Here we review the diagnostics and the physics needed to use them to learn about the supernova engine, and ultimate nuclear physics.

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C. Fryer, W. Even, B. Grefenstette, et. al.
Mon, 17 Mar 14