Studies of high-energy pulsars: The special case of PSR J1849-0001 [HEAP]

We present the results from the data analysis of the XMM-Newton observation (53.6 ks) on PSR J1849-0001. We studied in detail the X-ray emission of this pulsar and we found extended emission (up to ~100 arcsec) from the Pulsar Wind Nebula (PWN), confirming that this is a case of a Pulsar/PWN system and strengthening the evidence that X-ray, hard X-ray and TeV gamma-ray sources are manifestations of the same system. Another important result of our study is the clear evidence that the X-ray PWN of PSR J1849-0001 is asymmetric.

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L. Calas, S. Kaufmann, C. Ochoa, et. al.
Thu, 15 Feb 18

Comments: Nuclear and Particle Physics. In the monograph book of CRBTSM conference, second edition ( this http URL )