Observational aspects of Outbursting Black Hole Sources – Evolution of Spectro-Temporal features and X-ray Variability [HEAP]


We report on our attempt to understand the outbursting profile of Galactic Black Hole (GBH) sources, keeping in mind the evolution of temporal and spectral features during the outburst. We present results of evolution of Quasi-periodic Oscillations (QPOs), spectral states and possible connection with Jet ejections during the outburst phase. Further, we attempt to connect the observed X-ray variabilities (i.e., class' /structured’ variabilities, similar to GRS 1915+105) with spectral states of BH sources. Towards these studies, we consider three Black Hole sources that have undergone single (XTE J1859+226), a few (IGR J17091-3624) and many (GX 339-4) outbursts since the start of RXTE era. Finally, we model the broadband energy spectra (3 – 150 keV) of different spectral states using RXTE and NuSTAR observations. Results are discussed in the context of two component advective flow model, while constraining the mass of the three BH sources.

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H. Sreehari, A. Nandi, D. Radhika, et. al.
Thu, 15 Feb 18

Comments: Accepted for publication