Galactic center gamma-ray excess and the Fermi bubbles [HEAP]

Galactic center (GC) is expected to be the brightest source of possible dark matter (DM) annihilation signal. Excess gamma-ray emission has been detected by several groups. Both DM and more conventional astrophysical explanations of the excess have been proposed. In this report, we discuss possible effects of modeling the Fermi bubbles at low latitudes on the GC excess. We consider a template of the Fermi bubbles at low latitudes derived by assuming that the spectrum between 1 GeV and 10 GeV at low latitudes is the same as at high latitudes. We argue that the presence of the Fermi bubbles near the GC may have a significant influence on the spectrum of the GC excess, especially at energies above 10 GeV.

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D. Malyshev
Mon, 12 Feb 18

Comments: Proceedings of LaThuile 2017 conference