General relativistic polytropes in anisotropic stars [CL]

Spherically symmetric relativistic stars with the polytropic equation of state (EoS), which possess the local pressure anisotropy, are considered within the framework of general relativity. The generalized Lane-Emden equations are derived for the arbitrary anisotropy parameter $\Delta=p_t-p_r$ ($p_t$ and $p_r$ being the transverse and radial pressure, respectively). They are then applied to some special ansatz for the anisotropy parameter in the form of the differential relation between the anisotropy parameter $\Delta$ and the metric function $\nu$. The analytical solutions of the obtained equations are found for incompressible fluid stars and then used for getting their mass-radius relation, gravitational and binding energy. Also, following the Chandrasekhar variational approach, the dynamical stability of incompressible anisotropic fluid stars with the polytropic EoS against radial oscillations is studied. It is shown that the local pressure anisotropy with $p_t>p_r$ can make the incompressible fluid stars unstable with respect to radial oscillations, in contrast to incompressible isotropic fluid stars with the polytropic EoS which are dynamically stable.

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A. Isayev
Fri, 12 Jan 18

Comments: 27 pages, including 4 figures and 2 tables