Searching for previously unknown classes of objects in the AKARI-NEP Deep data with fuzzy logic SVM algorithm [GA]

In this proceedings application of a fuzzy Support Vector Machine (FSVM) learning algorithm, to classify mid-infrared (MIR) sources from the AKARI NEP Deep field into three classes: stars, galaxies and AGNs, is presented. FSVM is an improved version of the classical SVM algorithm, incorporating measurement errors into the classification process; this is the first successful application of this algorithm in the astronomy. We created reliable catalogues of galaxies, stars and AGNs consisting of objects with MIR measurements, some of them with no optical counterparts. Some examples of identified objects are shown, among them O-rich and C-rich AGB stars.

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A. Poliszczuk, A. Solarz and A. Pollo
Fri, 8 Dec 17

Comments: To be published in AKARI 2017 Conference proceedings in JAXA Repository / AIREX (JAXA-SP series)