OGLE-2014-SN-073 as a fallback accretion powered supernova [HEAP]


We investigate the possibility that the energetic Type II supernova OGLE-2014-SN-073 is powered by a fallback accretion following the failed explosion of a massive star. Taking massive hydrogen-rich supernova progenitor models, we estimate the fallback accretion rate and calculate the light curve evolution of supernovae powered by the fallback accretion. We find that such fallback accretion powered models can reproduce the overall observational properties of OGLE-2014-SN-073. It may imply that some failed supernovae could be observed as energetic supernovae like OGLE-2014-SN-073 instead of faint supernovae as previously proposed.

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T. Moriya, G. Terreran and S. Blinnikov
Fri, 8 Dec 17

Comments: 5 pages, 3 figures, accepted by Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters