Explain DAMPE results by scalar (Dirac fermion) dark matter with hierarchical lepton-specific Yukawa interactions generated via Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism [CL]


We propose to interpret the DAMPE electron excess at 1.5 TeV through scalar (or Dirac fermion) dark matter(DM) annihilation with doubly charged scalar mediators that have lepton-specific Yukawa couplings. Hierarchy of such lepton-specific Yukawa couplings are generated through Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism, so that the dark matter annihilation products are dominantly electrons (or $e,\mu$, $e,\tau$). Stringent constraints from LEP2 on intermediate vector boson production will no longer hold in our scenarios. In the case of scalar DM, we discuss one scenario with DM annihilating directly to leptons and the other one with DM annihilating to scalar mediators followed by mediator late decay. We also discuss the Breit-Wigner resonant enhancement and Sommerfeld enhancement in case the s-wave annihilation process is small or helicity suppressed. With both types of enhancement, constraints on the parameters can be relaxed and new ways for model building will be open in explaining the DAMPE results.

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G. Liu, F. Wang, W. Wang, et. al.
Fri, 8 Dec 17

Comments: 15 pages, 6 figures