Evolving pulsation of the slowly rotating magnetic beta Cep star xi 1 CMa [SSA]


We report BRITE-Constellation photometry of the beta Cep pulsator xi 1 CMa. Analysis of these data reveals a single pulsation period of 0.2095781(3) d, along with its first and second harmonics. We find no evidence for any other frequencies, limiting the value of this star as a target for magneto-asteroseismology. We em- ploy the 17-year database of RV measurements of xi 1 CMa to evaluate evidence for the reported change in pulsation period, and interpret this period change in terms of stellar evolution. We measure a rate-of-change of the period equal to 0.009(1) s/yr, consistent with that reported in the literature.

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S. Begy, G. Wade, G. Handler, et. al.
Fri, 8 Dec 17

Comments: 5 pages, proceedings of the 3rd BRITE-Constellation Science Conference, Lac Taureau, 2017