Diffuse axion-like particle searches [CL]


We propose a new method to search for axion-like particles (ALPs) based on the gamma-rays produced concomitant with high-energy astrophysical neutrinos. The existence of high-energy neutrinos implies production of gamma-rays in the same sources. Photons can convert into ALPs in the sources’ magnetic fields, and will travel as ALPs through extragalactic space. Back-conversion in the Milky Way’s magnetic field leads to a diffuse anisotropic high-energy photon flux that existing and upcoming gamma-ray detectors, like HAWC, CTA, and LHAASO can detect. This method probes unexplored ALP parameter space, with LHAASO being realistically sensitive to couplings above $10^{-11}\, \rm{GeV^{-1}}$ and masses up to $3\times 10^{-6} \, \rm{eV}$ in ten years. Our technique also explores viable ALP dark matter parameter space.

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H. Vogel, R. Laha and M. Meyer
Thu, 7 Dec 17

Comments: v1: 9 pages, 3 figures. Comments welcome