Studying tidal effects in planetary systems with Posidonius. A N-body simulator written in Rust [EPA]

Planetary systems with several planets in compact orbital configurations such as TRAPPIST-1 are surely affected by tidal effects. Its study provides us with important insight about its evolution. We developed a second generation of a N-body code based on the tidal model used in Mercury-T, re-implementing and improving its functionalities using Rust as programming language (including a Python interface for easy use) and the WHFAST integrator. The new open source code ensures memory safety, reproducibility of numerical N-body experiments, it improves the spin integration compared to Mercury-T and allows to take into account a new prescription for the dissipation of tidal inertial waves in the convective envelope of stars. Posidonius is also suitable for binary system simulations with evolving stars.

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S. Blanco-Cuaresma and E. Bolmont
Wed, 6 Dec 17

Comments: To appear in the “EWASS Special Session 4 (2017): Star-planet interactions” proceedings