Probing neutron star interiors with pulsar glitches [HEAP]

Pulsar glitches are thought to be probes of the superfluid interior of neutron stars. These sudden jumps in frequency observed in many pulsars are generally assumed to be the macroscopic manifestation of superfluid vortex motion on a microscopic scale. Resolving and modelling such phenomena on the scale of a neutron star is, however, a challenging problem which still remains open, fifty years after the discovery of pulsars. In this article I will review recent theoretical progress, both on the microscopic level and on the macroscopic level, and discuss which constraints on the models can be provided by observations.

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B. Haskell
Wed, 6 Dec 17

Comments: 6 pages – Proceedings of IAU Symposium 337, Pulsar Astrophysics – The Next 50 Years