Neutral hydrogen in the post-reionization universe [CEA]

The evolution of neutral hydrogen (HI) across redshifts is a powerful probe of cosmology, large scale structure in the universe and the intergalactic medium. Using a data-driven halo model to describe the distribution of HI in the post-reionization universe ($z \sim $ 5 to 0), we obtain the best-fitting parameters from a rich sample of observational data: low redshift 21-cm emission line studies, intermediate redshift intensity mapping experiments, and higher redshift Damped Lyman Alpha (DLA) observations. Our model describes the abundance and clustering of neutral hydrogen across redshifts 0 – 5, and is useful for investigating different aspects of galaxy evolution and for comparison with hydrodynamical simulations. The framework can be applied for forecasting future observations with neutral hydrogen, and extended to the case of intensity mapping with molecular and other line transitions at intermediate redshifts.

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H. Padmanabhan
Wed, 6 Dec 17

Comments: Invited talk at the IAU Symposium 333 “Peering towards Cosmic Dawn”, Dubrovnik, October 2-6, 2017; to appear in the proceedings, eds. Vibor Jelic and Thijs van der Hulst [6 pages, 2 figures]