A New Public Release of the GIZMO Code [IMA]


We describe a major update to the public GIZMO code. GIZMO has been used in simulations of cosmology; galaxy and star formation and evolution; black hole accretion and feedback; proto-stellar disk dynamics and planet formation; fluid dynamics and plasma physics; dust-gas dynamics; giant impacts and solid-body interactions; collisionless gravitational dynamics; and more. This release of the public code supports: hydrodynamics (using various mesh-free finite-volume Godunov methods or SPH), ideal and non-ideal MHD, anisotropic conduction and viscosity, radiative cooling and chemistry, star and black hole formation and feedback, sink particles, dust-gas (aero)-dynamics (with or without magnetic fields), elastic/plastic dynamics, arbitrary (gas, stellar, degenerate, solid/liquid material) equations of state, passive scalar/turbulent diffusion, large-eddy and shearing boxes, self-gravity with fully-adaptive force softenings, arbitrary cosmological expansion, and on-the-fly group-finding. It is massively-parallel with hybrid MPI+OpenMP scaling verified up to >1 million threads. The code is extensively documented, with test problems and tutorials provided for these different physics modules.

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P. Hopkins
Wed, 6 Dec 17

Comments: Brief (2 page) overview. The GIZMO code (with an extensive User Guide, animations, and test problems) is available through this http URL or on the repository at this https URL