The cosmic spiderweb: equivalence of cosmic, architectural, and origami tessellations [CEA]

For over twenty years, the term ‘cosmic web’ has guided our understanding of the large-scale arrangement of matter in the cosmos, accurately evoking the concept of a network of galaxies linked by filaments. But the physical correspondence between the cosmic web and structural-engineering or textile ‘spiderwebs’ is even deeper than previously known. Here we explain that in a good structure-formation approximation known as the adhesion model, threads of the cosmic web form a spiderweb, i.e. can be strung up to be entirely in tension. We also suggest how concepts arising from this link might be used to test cosmological models: for example, to test for large-scale anisotropy and rotational flows in the cosmos.

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M. Neyrinck, J. Hidding, M. Konstantatou, et. al.
Fri, 13 Oct 17

Comments: Submitted to Roy Soc Open Science. 10 figures