SPH calculations of Mars-scale collisions: the role of the Equation of State, material rheologies, and numerical effects [EPA]


We model large-scale ($\approx$2000km) impacts on a Mars-like planet using a Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics code. The effects of material strength and of using different Equations of State on the post-impact material and temperature distributions are investigated. The properties of the ejected material in terms of escaping and disc mass are analysed as well. We also study potential numerical effects in the context of density discontinuities and rigid body rotation. We find that in the large-scale collision regime considered here (with impact velocities of 4km/s), the effect of material strength is substantial for the post-impact distribution of the temperature and the impactor material, while the influence of the Equation of State is more subtle and present only at very high temperatures.

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A. Emsenhuber, M. Jutzi and W. Benz
Wed, 11 Oct 17

Comments: 24 pages, 11 figures; accepted for publication in Icarus