Stokes IQUV mapping of $α^2$ CVn & other Ap stars using ESPaDOnS and NARVAL [SSA]

New spectral line polarisation observations of 7 bright Ap stars have been obtained with the ESPaDOnS and Narval high resolution spectropolarimeters (Silvester et al. 2012). The aim of this data set is produce a series of surface magnetic field and surface chemistry maps for these Ap stars. We present new magnetic maps for the Ap star $\alpha^2$ CVn using these new data and the MDI inversion code INVERS10. $\alpha^2$ CVn is the first Ap star to be observed during two separate epochs using high resolution phase resolved spectropolarimetric $IQUV$ observations and as such allows us an insight into how stable the surface magnetic structure is over a decade timescale. We show that the new maps give a magnetic field structure consistent with the previous maps obtained by Kochukhov and Wade (2010) from lower quality MuSiCoS spectra taken a decade ago and that the field topology cannot be described by a dipolar or quadrupolar field.

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Date added: Tue, 22 Oct 13