Searching for a preferred direction with Union2.1 data [CEA]

A cosmological preferred direction was reported from the type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) data in recent years. We use the Union2.1 data to give a simple classification of such studies for the first time. Because the maximum anisotropic direction is independent of isotropic dark energy models, we adopt two cosmological models ($\Lambda$CDM, $w$CDM) for the hemisphere comparison analysis and $\Lambda$CDM model for dipole fit approach. In hemisphere comparison method, the matter density and the equation of state of dark energy are adopted as the diagnostic qualities in the $\Lambda$CDM model and $w$CDM model, respectively. In dipole fit approach, we fit the fluctuation of distance modulus. We find that there is a null signal for the hemisphere comparison method, while a preferred direction ($b=-14.3^\circ \pm 10.1^\circ, l=307.1^\circ \pm 16.2^\circ$) for the dipole fit method. This result indicates that the dipole fit is more sensitive than the hemisphere comparison method.

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Date added: Tue, 22 Oct 13