Observations of low- and intermediate-frequency-peaked BL Lacs above 100 GeV with VERITAS [HEAP]


Most of the ~50 blazars detected to date at TeV energies (E>0.1 TeV) are high-frequency-peaked BL Lacs (HBLs). Only a handful episodic TeV detections of low- and intermediate-frequency-peaked BL Lacs (LBL/IBLs, with synchrotron peak frequencies in the infrared and optical regime) have been reported, typically during high-flux states. The VERITAS array, a ground-based TeV observatory located in southern Arizona has observed five known TeV LBL/IBLs since 2009: 3C 66A, W Comae, PKS 1424+240, S5 0716+714 and BL Lacertae, with at least 5-10 hours/year, which so far resulted in the detection of a bright, sub-hour timescale gamma-ray flare of BL Lacertae in June 2011. We also report the detection and characterization of two new IBLs: VER J0521+211 and B2 1215+30.

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Date added: Tue, 22 Oct 13