Horizon Run 3: Topology as a Standard Ruler [CEA]


We study the Physically Self Bound Cold Dark Matter Halo distribution which we associate with the massive galaxies within the Horizon Run 3 to estimate the accuracy in determination of the cosmological distance scale measured by the topology analysis. We apply the routine “Contour 3D” to 108 Mock Survey of $\pi$ steradians out to redshift z = 0.6, which effectively correspond to the SDSS-III BOSS survey, and compare the topology with that of a Gaussian Random Phase Field. We find that given three separate smoothing lengths $\lambda =$ 15, 21, and 34 $h^{-1}{\rm Mpc}$, the least $\chi^2$ fit genus per unit volume g yields a 1.7 % fractional uncertainty in smoothing length and angular diameter distance to $z = 0.6$. This is an improvement upon former calibrations of and presents a competitive error estimate with next BAO scale techniques. We also present three dimensional graphics of the Horizon Run 3 spherical mock survey to show a wealth of large-scale structures of the universe that are predicted in surveys like BOSS.

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Date added: Thu, 17 Oct 13