[SSA] Absolute Properties of the Triple Star HP Aurigae


New photometric, spectroscopic, and eclipse timing observations of the eclipsing binary star HP Aur allow for very accurate orbital determinations, even in the presence of a third body and transient starspot activity. The eclipsing binary masses are determined to an accuracy of +/-0.4% and the radii to +/-0.6%. The masses are 0.9543 +/- 0.0041 and 0.8094 +/- 0.0036 solar masses, and the radii are 1.0278 +/- 0.0042 and 0.7758 +/- 0.0034 solar radii, respectively. The orbital period in the outer orbit is accurately known for the first time – 4.332 +/- 0.011 years. A comparison with current theories of stellar evolution show that the components absolute properties can be well-matched by the current models at an age of about 7 billion years.

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Date added: Wed, 16 Oct 13