[CEA] 130GeV gamma-ray line through axion conversion


We apply the axion-photon conversion mechanism to the 130GeV gamma-ray line observed by Fermi satellite. Mono-energetic axions or axion-like particles (ALPs) can be produced through annihilation or decay processes of dark matter. Then the axion converts to the gamma-ray in Galactic magnetic fields along its flight to the Earth, which can explain the observations. This mechanism suppresses productions of any continuum components of gamma-rays and cosmic-ray anti-protons, which is severe constraints to the models trying to explain the observation from unknown new particles. In our mechanism, the gamma-ray spatial distribution depends on both the dark matter profile and the magnetic field configuration, which will be tested by future gamma-ray observations, e.g., through HESS II, CTA, GAMMA-400. As an example, we discuss possible scenarios for the 130GeV axion emissions in supersymmetric axion models.

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Date added: Tue, 15 Oct 13