The nature of pulses delayed by 5 mcs in scintillation detectors from showers with the energy above 1E17 eV

Here we consider EAS events with energy above 1E17 eV with recorded pulses delayed by t>=5 mcs in scintillation detectors with different thresholds: 10, 5 and 1.8 MeV. In order to identify pulses from electrons, muons and neutrons, experimental data were compared to computational results performed within the framework of QGSJET01d model. Preliminary, one may speculate of registration of low-energy electrons arisen from moderation of neutrons in a detector or a medium surrounding a detector or in the snow cover and frozen crust (albedo particles). The fact that such pulses were registered mostly in low-threshold detectors confirms this hypothesis.

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Date added: Mon, 14 Oct 13