A New 1.4GHz Radio Continuum Map of the Sky South of Declination +25 deg

Archival data from the HI Parkes All-Sky Survey (HIPASS) and the HI Zone of Avoidance (HIZOA) survey have been carefully reprocessed into a new 1.4GHz continuum map of the sky south of declination +25 deg. The wide sky coverage, high sensitivity of 40mK (limited by confusion), resolution of 14′.4 (compared to 51′ for the Haslam et al. 408MHz and 35′ for the Reich et al. 1.4GHz surveys), and low level of artefacts makes this map ideal for numerous studies, including: merging into interferometer maps to complete large-scale structures; decomposition of thermal and non-thermal emission components from Galactic and extragalactic sources; and comparison of emission regions with other frequencies. The new map is available for download.

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Date added: Thu, 10 Oct 13