Liquid Metal Flow Can Be One Clue to Explain the Frequently Observed Fluid-Like Matters on Mars

The frequently discovered flooding structure on Mars and other planets has long been an intriguing mystery remained un-disclosed so far. Considering that on Earth, quite a few low melting point liquid metals or their alloy can be candidates of fluid like matters, we proposed here that there might also exists certain liquid metal instead of water or methane alone on Mars or the like planets. Compared with water, such liquid metal would be much easier to stay at the Mars surface because of its low melting point however extremely high evaporation point. Along this theoretical route, quite a few observations on the fluid like matters in former space explorations can be well interpreted. Such hypothesis for the existence of liquid metal on Mars surface does not mean refuting the possibility of water on Mars. This new point would be helpful for planning further exploration of Mars in a sense according to the characters of liquid metal. It at least identifies one more target fluid towards either finding or denying life at outer space. Whether the planet could harbor life in some form or it reaffirms Mars as an important future destination for human exploration still needs serious but not just enthusiasm explorations.

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Date added: Tue, 8 Oct 13