On the dynamical history of the recently discovered interstellar object A/2017 U1 – where does it come from? [EPA]


A/2017 U1 is the first interstellar object recorded inside the Solar System. We try to answer the obtrusive question: where does it come from? After a careful search in the close vicinity of the Sun we looked a bit further. Finally, we have checked over 200 thousand stars and found just a handful of candidates. If we limit our investigation to the Sun surroundings within about 30 pc, the most probable candidate for the A/2017 U1 parent stellar habitat is a star UCAC4 535-065571 but GJ 876 cannot be completely ruled out. However, the origin of A/2017 U1 from a more distant source is still an open question.

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P. Dybczynski and M. Krolikowska
Mon, 20 Nov 17

Comments: 13 pages, 4 main tables and 3 tables with data, submitted for publication as A&A Letter