Emission line galaxies behind the planetary nebula IC 5148: Potential for a serendipity survey with archival data [IMA]


During the start of a survey program using FORS2 long slit spectroscopy on planetary nebulae (PN) and their haloes, we serendipitously discovered six background emission line galaxies (ELG) with redshifts of z = 0.2057, 0.3137, 0.37281, 0.4939, 0.7424 and 0.8668. Thus they clearly do not belong to a common cluster structure. We derived the major physical properties of the targets. Since the used long slit covers a sky area of only 570 arcsec^2, we discuss further potential of serendipitous discoveries in archival data, beside the deep systematic work of the ongoing and upcoming big surveys. We conclude that archival data provide a decent potential for extending the overall data on ELGs without any selection bias.

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S. Kimeswenger, D. Barria, W. Kausch, et. al.
Wed, 11 Oct 17

Comments: 9 pages, 10 figures, accepted for publication in Revista Mexicana de Astronom\’ia y Astrof\’isica