Nonvalidity of $I$-Love-$Q$ Relations for Hot White Dwarf Stars [SSA]

The equilibrium configurations of uniformly rotating white dwarfs at finite temperatures are investigated, exploiting the Chandrasekhar equation of state for different isothermal cores. The Hartle formalism is applied to construct white dwarf configurations in the framework of Newtonian physics. The equations of structure are considered in the slow rotation approximation and all basic parameters of rotating hot white dwarfs are computed to test the so-called moment of inertia, rotational Love number and quadrupole moment ($I$-Love-$Q$) relations. It is shown that even within the same equation of state the $I$-Love-$Q$ relations are not universal for white dwarfs at finite temperatures.

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K. Boshkayev and H. Quevedo
Fri, 15 Sep 17

Comments: 5 pages, 9 figures