Metallicities of Young Massive Clusters in NGC 5236 (M83) [GA]

We present integrated-light spectra of 8 Young Massive Clusters (YMCs) in the metal-rich spiral galaxy NGC 5236 (M 83). The observations were taken with the X-Shooter spectrograph on the ESO Very Large Telescope. Through the use of theoretical isochrones and synthetic integrated-light (IL) spectra we derive metallicities and study the radial metallicity gradient observed through these young populations. For the inner regions of the galaxy we observe a relatively shallow metallicity gradient of $-$0.37 $\pm$0.29 dex R${25}^{-1}$, agreeing with chemical evolution models with an absence of infall material and a relatively low mass loss due to winds in the inner parts of the disk. We estimate a central metallicity of [$Z$] = $+$0.17 $\pm$ 0.12 dex, finding excellent agreement with that obtained via other methods (e.g. blue supergiants and J-band). We infer a metallicity of 12+log(O/H) = 8.75 $\pm$ 0.08 dex at R/R${25}$ = 0.4, which fits the stellar mass-metallicity relation (MZR) compilation of blue supergiants and IL studies.

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S. Hernandez, S. Larsen, S. Trager, et. al.
Fri, 15 Sep 17

Comments: 13 pages, 10 figures, MNRAS accepted