New high-z BL Lacs using the photometric method with Swift and SARA [HEAP]

BL Lacertae objects are the prominent members of the 3LAC Fermi catalog. Half of the population (~300) lack redshift measurements, which is due to the absence of lines in their optical spectrum, thereby making it difficult to utilize spectroscopic method. We use the photometric technique through our continued program to obtain the redshifts for these objects. This work employed 6 filters mounted on the Swift-UVOT and 4 optical filters on two telescopes, the 0.65 m SARA-CTIO, Chile and 1.0 m SARA-ORM, Canary Islands, Spain. A sample size of 15 sources was extracted from the Swift archival data for which 6 filter UVOT observations were conducted. We found two high redshift sources; 3FGl J1155.4-3417 and 3FGL J1156.7-2250 at z=1.83$^{+0.10}{-0.13}$ and z=1.73$^{+0.10}{-0.13}$ , respectively.

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A. Kaur, M. Ajello, D. Hartmann, et. al.
Wed, 13 Sep 17

Comments: 10 pages, 6 figures