Morphological and spectral measurements of 2HWC J1928+177 with HAWC and H.E.S.S [HEAP]

2HWC J1928+177 is a source recently discovered at TeV energies in the second HAWC catalog. It is coincident with the Fermi unidentified source 3FGL J1928+1739 and the pulsar PSR J1928+1746, which is 83 kyr old and located at a distance of 5 kpc with an Edot=1.6 x 10$^{36}$ erg/s. 2HWC J1928+177 is not detected by any of the IACTs currently in operation, which puts strong constrains on the morphology and spectrum of the source. There is no sign of shell-like structure in the region at other wavelengths, which in addition to the presence of a pulsar at the center, points to a Pulsar Wind Nebula origin of the TeV emission. We present a dedicated morphological and spectral analysis of the region using HAWC and H.E.S.S. data to unveil the nature of the source and study its properties.

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R. Lopez-Coto, V. Marandon, F. HAWC, et. al.
Fri, 11 Aug 17

Comments: Presented at the 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2017), Bexco, Busan, Korea. See arXiv:1708.02572 for all HAWC contributions