Correlated "noise" in LIGO gravitational wave signals: an implication of Conformal Cyclic Cosmology [CL]

It has recently been reported by Cresswell et al. [1] that correlations in the noise surrounding the observed gravitational wave signals, GW150194, GW151226, and GW170194 were found by the two LIGO detectors in Hanford and Livingston with the same time delay as the signals themselves. This raised some issues about the statistical reliability of the signals themselves, which led to much discussion, the current view appearing to support the contention that there is something unexplained that may be of genuine astrophysical interest [2]. In this note, it is pointed out that a resolution of this puzzle may be found in a proposal very recently put forward by the author [3], see also [4], that what seems to be spuriously generated noise may in fact be gravitational events caused by the decay of dark-matter particles (erebons) of mass around 10^-5g, the existence of such events being a clear implication of the cosmological scheme of conformal cyclic cosmology, or CCC [5], [6]. A brief outline of the salient points of CCC is provided here, especially with regard to its prediction of erebons and their impulsive gravitational signals.

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R. Penrose
Fri, 14 Jul 17

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