KIC 8164262: a Heartbeat Star Showing Tidally Induced Pulsations with Resonant Locking [SSA]

We present the analysis of KIC 8164262, a heartbeat star with a prominent (~1 mmag), high-amplitude tidally resonant pulsation (a mode in resonance with the orbit) and a plethora of tidally induced g-mode pulsations (modes excited by the orbit). The analysis combines Kepler light curves with follow-up spectroscopic data from Keck, KPNO (Kitt Peak National Observatory) and McDonald observatories. We apply the binary modelling software, PHOEBE, to the Kepler light curve and radial velocity data to determine a detailed binary star model that includes the prominent pulsation and Doppler boosting, alongside the usual attributes of a binary star model (including tidal distortion and reflection). The results show that the system contains a slightly evolved F star with an M secondary companion in a highly eccentric (e = 0.886) orbit. We use the results of the binary star model in a companion paper (Fuller et al. submitted, 2017) where we show that the prominent pulsation can be explained by a tidally excited oscillation mode held near resonance by a resonance locking mechanism.

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K. Hambleton, J. Fuller, S. Thompson, et. al.
Mon, 19 Jun 17

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