Enhanced stellar neutrino emissivities in annihilating Coy Dark Matter [CL]


We calculate neutrino emissivities for annihilating Dark Matter with pseudoscalar-mediated couplings to ordinary matter in dense stellar environments. We show that for Dark Matter models compatible with current direct detection limits and cosmological relic abundance, the neutrino production rates from channels $\chi \chi \rightarrow \nu \nu$ or via pseudoscalar mediators $\chi \chi \rightarrow a a$ with subsequent decay $ a \rightarrow \nu \nu$, can be locally much stronger than the modified URCA processes at early stages of star cooling. In light of these results we discuss the parameter ranges and thermodynamical stellar conditions that could give rise to inner temperature profiles warmer than those obtained for standard scenarios, having thus an impact on possible superfluid components in the inner core.

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M. Cermeno, M. Perez-Garcia and R. Lineros
Fri, 19 May 17

Comments: 5 pages, 2 figures, and 1 table. Comments welcome