SNaX – A Database of Supernova X-ray Lightcurves [HEAP]

We present the Supernova X-ray Database (SNaX), a compilation of the X-ray data from young supernovae (SNe). The database includes the X-ray flux and luminosity of young SNe, days to years after outburst. The original goal and intent were to present a database of Type IIn SNe. After having accomplished this we are slowly expanding it to include all SNe for which published data are available. The interface allows one to search for SNe using various criteria, plot all or selected data-points, and download both the data and the plot. The plotting facility allows for significant customization. There is also a facility for the user to submit data that can be directly incorporated into the database. We include an option to fit the decay of any given SN lightcurve with a power-law. The database includes a conversion of most datapoints to a common 0.3-8 keV band so that SN lightcurves may be directly compared with each other. A mailing list has been set up to disseminate information about the database. We outline the structure and function of the database, describe its various features and outline the plans for future expansion.

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M. Ross and V. Dwarkadas
Fri, 21 Apr 17

Comments: 9 pages, 4 figures. Accepted to the Astronomical Journal