Gaussian and Weibull noncommutative charged black holes [CL]

We derive and investigate the physical properties of asymptotically flat noncommutative regular charged black holes with a Gaussian mass density distribution and a Weibull electric charge density distribution. The solutions have a de Sitter behavior in the vicinity of the origin provided the electric charge density is Weibull of the form $r^{n/2}\e^{-r^2/(4\theta^2)}$ with $n\geq 1$. The electric field and temperature are finite for all values of the radial coordinate, mass, and charge. The charge is bounded from above for stability reasons and stable charged quantum particles have mass and charge bounded from below and from above within the simplified semi-classical model we present in this work.

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M. Azreg-Ainou
Thu, 20 Apr 17

Comments: 7 pages, 6 figures