OVI 6830Å Imaging Polarimetry of Symbiotic Stars [SSA]


I present here the first results from an ongoing pilot project with the 1.6 m telescope at the OPD, Brasil, aimed at the detection of the OVI $\lambda$6830 line via linear polarization in symbiotic stars. The main goal is to demonstrate that OVI imaging polarimetry is an efficient technique for discovering new symbiotic stars. The OVI $\lambda$6830 line is found in 5 out of 9 known symbiotic stars, in which the OVI line has already been spectroscopically confirmed, with at least 3-$\sigma$ detection. Three new symbiotic star candidates have also been found.

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S. Akras
Wed, 1 Feb 17

Comments: 4 pages, 1 figure, poster at the conference Accretion processes in Symbiotic Stars and Related Objects, First Chile-Korea-Gemini workshop on stellar astrophysics, La Serena, Chile, 2016