Nearly scale-invariant power spectrum and quantum cosmological perturbations in the gravity's rainbow scenario [CL]

We propose the gravity’s rainbow scenario as a possible alternative of the inflation paradigm to account for the flatness and horizon problems. We focus on studying the cosmological scalar perturbations which are seeded by the quantum fluctuations in the very early universe. The scalar power spectrum is expected to be nearly scale-invariant. We estimate the rainbow index $\lambda$ and energy scale $M$ in the gravity’s rainbow scenario by analyzing the Planck temperature and WMAP polarization datasets. The constraints on them are given by $\lambda=2.933\pm0.012$ and $\ln (10^5M/M_p)= -0.401^{+0.457}_{-0.451}$ at the $68\%$ confidence level.

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Z. Chang and S. Wang
Fri, 12 Dec 14

Comments: 16 pages, 1 figure