Linking Tests of Gravity On All Scales: from the Strong-Field Regime to Cosmology [CEA]

The current effort to test General Relativity employs multiple disparate formalisms for different observables, obscuring the relations between laboratory, astrophysical and cosmological constraints. To remedy this situation, we develop a parameter space for comparing tests of gravity on all scales in the universe. In particular, we present new methods for linking cosmological large-scale structure, the Cosmic Microwave Background and gravitational waves with classic PPN tests of gravity. Diagrams of this gravitational parameter space reveal a noticeable untested regime. The untested window, which separates small-scale systems from the troubled cosmological regime, could potentially hide the onset of corrections to General Relativity.

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T. Baker, D. Psaltis and C. Skordis
Fri, 12 Dec 14

Comments: 15+6 pages; 2 figures. Figures available online at this http URL