Baryon Acoustic Peak and the Squeezed Limit Bispectrum [CEA]

In the non-relativistic regime, pertinent to the large scale structure of the Universe, the leading effect of a long-wavelength perturbation $\delta(\lambda_L)$ on short distance physics is a uniform acceleration $\propto \lambda_L \delta(\lambda_L)$. Typically, this has no effect on statistical averages at equal time since a uniform acceleration results in a uniform translation — a reasoning that has been formalized as a “consistency condition” on the cosmological correlation functions. This naive expectation fails in the presence of the baryon acoustic feature provided $\lambda_L < \ell_{\rm BAO}$. We derive the squeezed limit of correlation functions in this regime.

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M. Mirbabayi, M. Simonovic and M. Zaldarriaga
Fri, 12 Dec 14

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